March 28, 2015

Hawaii Photo Overload

We usually like to plan vacations way in advance. With this trip though Adam found cheap tickets and we booked it 5 days in advance. We were heading to the Big Island with a bunch of family and we were so excited! I was nervous taking Bennett on the plane and he did pretty good. The last 30 minutes on our flight to Kona he screamed and peed all over me...:( Other than that he was great!

We had such a wonderful time and we are really having a Hawaii hangover over here.

Photo Overload....

This kid was in Heaven!!!

All the ladies minus our amazing photographer Rachel

The entire gang

Hike day :)

Bennett fussed the entire time

Friendliest goose. Uncle Rob named him Charles

Carson and his cousin Blaine. They had a blast together!

Baby blue eyes

Dancing on the beach

The beach makes us all tired dude

This boy was scared of the waves but LOVED the sand!

Our last day :(

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After