May 29, 2016

Bellissimo Bebe

Ever since having Emma I've been making her bracelets to match her little outfits. I have enjoyed it SO  much and a lot of people have been asking where I got them so, I decided to start selling them. :)

Baby Emma Joy Crop

Our sweet little girl joined our family on January 24th 2016. I haven't updated our blog because well, I have 3 young children and our lives are very busy:) She is now 4 months old and we are all smitten. She has started smiling and cooing at everyone. She is quite the little flirt. I am pretty sure she has never worn the same outfit twice ;) Her big brothers love her SO much!! Carson knows that if she's upset he can usually make it better. Here are a bunch of pictures of the last 4 months with Emmy.

June 03, 2015

Photos for Mother's Day

We took the boys to get photos a little while ago and you guys...they were awful!! Bennett kept eating dandelions and Carson was all over the place. We tried to get some photos but, both Adam and I were discouraged they wouldn't turn out. Luckily to our surprise we got some great photos!!

April 26, 2015

My Boys

Bennett: 19 Months

-Loves to say animal sounds.
-Loves pasta and sprinkles :)
-He loves his blankie and is a really good sleeper
-He has 5 freckles on his nose that melt your heart
-He loves to snuggle. He is always running up to me and giving me hugs and kisses.
-He will only let me (mom) hold him at night...its exhausting but, I secretly love it.
-He is HUGE! he is wearing 2T and some of that is to small

Carson: 3 1/2

-Loves Netflix
-Favorite foods are: gogurt, cookies, hulk food (aka any veggie thats green), Pizza and breadsticks
-Loves to learn
-Is really getting into Ninja Turtles
-Turns 4 next month :(:(
-Says the funniest things!
-Loves his Nana and Papa and always wants to go play at their house
-He really likes Mario Kart
-Is such a wonderful big brother and loves to help

I get so caught up in the day to day grind and I realize time is flying by. I am missing sweet, small moments that I know later I will miss. There is no greater way to live than working hard everyday for your family. I definitely still need breaks and some me time but, I feel so grateful that I get to be doing the best job which is being a mother and wife. 

March 28, 2015

Hawaii Photo Overload

We usually like to plan vacations way in advance. With this trip though Adam found cheap tickets and we booked it 5 days in advance. We were heading to the Big Island with a bunch of family and we were so excited! I was nervous taking Bennett on the plane and he did pretty good. The last 30 minutes on our flight to Kona he screamed and peed all over me...:( Other than that he was great!

We had such a wonderful time and we are really having a Hawaii hangover over here.

Photo Overload....

This kid was in Heaven!!!

All the ladies minus our amazing photographer Rachel

The entire gang

Hike day :)

Bennett fussed the entire time

Friendliest goose. Uncle Rob named him Charles

Carson and his cousin Blaine. They had a blast together!

Baby blue eyes

Dancing on the beach

The beach makes us all tired dude

This boy was scared of the waves but LOVED the sand!

Our last day :(

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After