December 06, 2014

Things I want to remember

The days are passing quickly and I feel I am already missing out and forgetting so many little parts of my boys lives. They are doing and saying the funniest things. Even when at the moment I do not see the humor in it I look back and can't help but giggle. I don't want to forget these little things so I figured I would jot them down here.

- The other day I was exhausted and Adam told me to go and take a bath. I snuck away because I knew the boys would follow me. I was able to relax for about 10 minutes when Carson comes up with his shirt full of hot wheels. He says "I thought you wanted some toys so I went and got my cars from outside" He then proceeded to dump all the cars in the tub which soon filled with dirt....At the time I didn't find it humorous but telling a patient this story I couldn't help but laugh. It's moments like this I sigh and think 'to be a mom of boys:)'

- Carson calls girls "grills"

-Bennett shoots with his hand and makes sounds like spider man shooting his web

-When you tell Bennett "I Love You" he blows a kiss

-When Carson gets frustrated he sings 'if you get frustrated, take a step back and ask for help;)'

-My boys are water babies. When I take Bennett out of the tub he screams he doesn't want to come out.

-Carson wants to measure his height everyday to see if he is as tall as Adam

I know this isn't even tapping the surface of all the wonderful, funny, crazy things they are doing right now. I am so filled with love for them and Adam sometimes I feel like my heart hurts. I can't imagine my life without them.

Alright it's late and I'm tired and maybe I'll be able to post again before the new year ;)

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Ashten said...

I love hearing that I'm not the only mom who's boys shower me in dirt!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After