July 05, 2012

Fourth of July

 I made this "America" banner and I am obsessed :) I borrowed my Mom's cricket machine and I think I'm hooked!!

 I also made home made Oreo's aka Whoopie Pies in the shape of stars! I will be posting this recipe later, I also used our home made butter cream recipe which is delish!

I love everything about the fourth of July!! We took Carson to the Freedom Festival and lucky kid had funnel cake, texas twister, cotton candy and a sucker. We had a very happy kid on our hands! We had a very festive BBQ at my parents house and enjoyed the Stadium of Fire. Scotty Mcreery performed and also the Beach Boys. I LOVE the Beach Boys :) Carson was a bit of a struggle in the beginning due to the fact that he only wanted to crawl the stairs.....exhausting for Mom and Dad. Once the fireworks started he was a champ. I was surprised he didn't cry, they were so loud!! He just stared at them in awe :) Poor kid was so tired he fell asleep the second we put him in the stroller and slept until 9:30 the next morning.

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After