July 10, 2011

Running Tips???

I am so NOT a runner but, I really want to be! Every time I run though all I can think about is how much I dislike it. I am use to working out in classes such as kickboxing, yoga etc so running gets really boring for me. Adam and I want to compete in triathlons and I would also someday....like to complete a half marathon.

Any tips out there for a new runner on ways I can train and grow to like it?!?


Julianne said...

first of all, congratulations to your husband for passing the real estate test! thats awesome. second of all, your baby is soo cute! i love his name and he's so sweet! third of all, i would say take your first runs really short and so you get used to it like its not kicking your behind everytime. Decide how long you are gonna run before you go, and go buy some cute new and comfortable work out clothes that you want to wear! and then lastly i would say breathing...in through your nose and out through the mouth helps a ton! good luck! running totally gets fun once you get comfortable and good with where you are at!

Jessica Zincke said...

Do you run on a treadmill, outside, or both? Find what you can/like to do while you're running...listen to music that pumps you up, watch TV/movies, read, or just thinking. I think running outside with music is a lot more fun, but I mix it up with treadmill runs while watching TV. Make sure to ease into it, mix it up, and think positive thoughts while you're doing it...I like to just tell myself I'm awesome, even if I'm having a really tough run. Yes on cute and comfortable clothes! And make sure you have good shoes - they go a LONG way to make sure you don't get as sore or hurt. I'm totally not an expert, but I do love running and go through tons of stuff to try and do better at it, so let me know if you have any specific questions. Good luck!

Wilde ones said...

Everybody is different. For me personally, I prefer running outside. Pushing a baby stroller makes it physically harder to run and you worry about the baby. So if you're struggling to enjoy running, I wouldn't add the extra discomfort. Music is huge. Find music that makes you move, has a good beat or inspires you. It helps pass the time. Go alone with your music or go with someone that you can have a good conversation with the whole time. (Make Adam push the baby stroller - tell him to man up! :-)) But if you can go without Carson, I would. You'll be more focused and hopefully be able to enjoy it more. You need time for you so you can be a better mommy for Carson.

.:Anna:. said...

Congrats on the RA exam! Ah! That's good news.

I've never been a runner-I quit playing soccer in high school (even though I'm great at sprinting short distances) because my coach was so mean to me. I was the only girl on the team who was NOT on cross country-so he gave me crap. Anyway, I hated running until my friend asked me to do a marathon with her this last January, we started to train in August. I developed a love of running because the more I did it-the more addicting it became. Even if I hated it at first... and I'd never run more than 3 miles. Ever. Until one dayI clocked 5 miles on my car and was like, "OK. That's it. I'm doing it." It took me a while but I did it. Once I had that accomplishment-it was like I was on fire. I ran 16 miles when I was 6 months pregnant... I did a half marathon at 4.5 months. So.... here's my tips. I'd pick a 5k somewhere in the future, within 2 months. And then I'd build to that.. but have a goal "I want to do it in 34 minutes" ... once you pay $30 or so to be in a race, you don't wanna waste your money! Plus, if you have a goal in the time to complete it, you'll know how fast and what to train for. Then, sign up for a half marathon. Also, cute running clothes are a must, but SHOES SHOES SHOES will make or break you. I ran in my 4 yr old nikes and always had hip/knee/ankle pain. Duh. It was my stupid shoes. Being broke, I went to Ross and found some $22 shoes... and that honestly made the biggest difference. Also, shirts don't matter ot me as much, but those cotton cheer shorts I used to alway wear are the wrong fabric and chaffe my legs when I run more than 2 miles. I had to buy some nylon or other ones, doesn't matter the brand, the nike ones are $34 bucks but there is a off brand for $10 that is the exact same. So, one pair of good shorts and shoes, and a goal. Not sure how to push yourself? Start with a mile. Run that, see how you feel. Then add 1/2 a mile every time... occasionally when you get to like, 2.5 miles you can do that a couple times before you add the 1/2. ... how do you like my novel??? Sorry!!! I just was NEVER a runner and it took someone else to motivate me. I would run with her 2 times a week. Also, it's not my fav to take the baby but I do what I gotta do. And my ipod shuffle is a life saver. Every time I wanna stop running it gives me that energy to keep going. This sounds like a lot, but its months of learning on my own what would work and what wouldnt!

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