July 10, 2011

He Did It!!

As I have mentioned before Adam is the most ambitious, hard working and motivated guy I know! He decided not very long ago to get into real estate part time. It is something he enjoys and something that I think he will excel in. He flew threw the courses and took his exam yesterday. Anyone out there who has taken an exam knows how important it is to go in clear minded and focused. Well our morning did anything but that for Adam....

-With a new baby we never make it anywhere on time.....so we got a late start.

-On the way to the exam we spilled orange soda all over the seat....(not a huge deal but, when your tired and rushed every little thing is annoying!!)

-We get to Orem and we can't find the place anywhere!!!!! Adam was suppose to be there at 7:30 (in the morning) and we finally found the place at 7:50.

-And since we cut it so close to the time the test was starting Adam didn't have time to eat his breakfast.

-So I drop him off and I'm heading over to my parents when I hear my phone (which is in the backseat) ringing. I pulled over and realized Adam's calculator which was required for the test was in my purse. I drove WAY over the speed limit to get it to him in time.

Adam called an hour and a half later and told me to come pick him up. He didn't sound all that happy and I was worried with everything going on and all the stress he didn't pass.

But he did!!!!! Adam is officially a real estate agent!!!!

I am so proud of him!!

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After