July 12, 2011

Thank You's All Around

First off-- Thank you to everyone who had the wonderful comments on how to get into running! It is exactly what I needed and once I get the 'ok' from the Doc to work out I am going to be putting all your good advice to practice!!

Secondly- Thank you to "Dr Brown" for his wonderful baby bottles! Oh my goodness it has only been 24 hours since we started using his bottles and our sweet, calm and nice baby is back!! Poor thing was so gassy and backed up (yep, talking about the babes bowels on our blog...) and the screaming was getting to a breaking point for everyone. And seeing your baby in pain and not being able to do anything is the WORST!! We got some different formula that we've been mixing in with the old and these bottles are Amazing!!


Wilde ones said...

Ask Adam if he remembers those from when Maya was a baby. We used the Dr. Brown bottles too (she would never nurse, and just ask adam how much she screamed - Woo!) Glad he's feeling better. Love ya tons!

Rik said...

I LOVE Dr. Brown's bottles!! They are amazing! We also used mylecon gas drops for like 5 months of Henry's life. Maybe 6 months? They worked amazing! And you can use them all the time and they don't hurt the baby. Anyway, good luck with the gassy/stopped up baby!! :)

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After