July 31, 2011

I Need Your Recommendations

So, Adam and I are looking into running strollers. We love our regular stroller but running with it....is a struggle.

We need your recommendations on a good, affordable running stroller????


Cason and Marie said...

I love this topic! :)

I recommend the Bob revolution. It is pricey, but if you run alot it is so worth it. Or even if you are going somewhere where you are going to be walking alot, its comfortable for baby. It is one of the best investments I have made since having Millie. Plus, the resale value is pretty much as high as you can buy one brand new. I would check Craigslist...I'm sure you'll find one there! Good luck!

JeRiCa said...

I have a babytrend jogger I got at Target for like $100. It's awesome and I use it for all my stroller needs :). Although, pushing Kennidy is so much harder than just waiting for Mitch to get home so I can just sneak to the gym. Running three miles takes way longer then when I'm by myself. I did get a flat tire when I took it over some gravel so if you aren't going to be on running trails or sidewalks, I might get a better one.

Miss you.

.:Anna:. said...

I just blogged about my jogging stroller too-it's inexpensive as far as jogging strollers go... I've seen them for $130 at Academy (sports store in tX) and about that price on Amazon. Its the safari in step one. However, the bob line is awesome. You would be fine to get it used off of craigslist and save yourself majore $$$$ ... I've used several and the more expensive ones are nicer. But-I do like my Safari one.

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