August 03, 2011

2 Month Stats

Carson had his two month check up and I hated this appointment!! He had his immunizations which made him super fussy and he broke out in a fever. And something about watching your baby get shots and scream (and I can't do anything to help) is the worst feeling!!

Other than that though Carson is growing good!

50th percentile for weight.
25th percentile for head circumference.
10th percentile for height.

I was a little concerned his percentile was so low on height but, the Doctor said it is nothing to be worried about.

He did say Carson's right foot isn't as flexible as the left and doesn't look completely correct. So...I get to 'bend' his foot everyday until Carson shows he is uncomfortable....
Hopefully in two months his foot will look better.

The Doctor said he was impressed with how great of a baby he is! He is sleeping through the night. (I don't know if that is normal for an 8 week old...but we're loving it)
He is eating formula but never spits up.
And he is so smiley and loves to coo all the time!!

We just love our little man!!

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Jessica said...

He is sooo cute!! My boys always came in on lower end of weight n length spectrum don't worry carsons a crop n he will be towering over u in no time! Love the pics!!!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After