July 28, 2011

Running Shoes

As an avid runner in high school and even in college I thought it was time to start running again to get into shape and for a hobby, I have always wanted to do a Triathlon. I started running and as usual my knees hurt the whole way as did my calves and feet. I wore your average Nike brand running shoes that I have had for a while thinking, "Hey they are name brand Nike's they should work great!". Turns out not to be true. I went to an official running store names "26.2" out here in Provo, Ut. They has me run on a treadmill while video taping my stride to analyze my running style. Turns out I run with my ankle angled inward which put the rest of my body and legs out of alignment! They recommended the Brooks GTS II shoe. I put these on and was video taped and analyzed again. These babies sure did the trick, my ankle was back in alignment, $100 later and I was out the door. I did not think $100 was to bad for a real pair of running shoes! Plus that was my birthday present!

When I got home I had to try them on and go for a run! I put them on, plugged in my ipod and had at it. It was amazing! For the first time in years my knees did not hurt while running! I was able to go farther and faster than before! I ran 3 miles in 25 minutes which for just getting back into it, I thought was pretty good. I had previously only been able to run a mile or 2 at most. Also my feet didn't hurt. Between the light weight and added support, I was able to run well and ENJOY IT! I thought my knees hurting was just the way it was when I exercised! Not the case. I would highly recommend getting real running shoes for anyone who wants to run, whether it be for fun, exercise, or competition. I would spend $100 again in a heartbeat for these shoes! I cant wait to see how my time and distance improves with added training!

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