July 13, 2010

Monday, St. Thomas

St. Thomas

Our first stop was St. Thomas. It was so beautiful here! As a family we took a Shopping and Beach tour! Sounds like a perfect day for me :):) I was in a little bit of a downer mood because they still hadn't found my luggage so I needed to buy a bathing suit so I could go to the beach and enjoy our excursions. Our driver dropped all of us off in a quaint little town where they had tons of jewelry, knocks off and most importantly diet coke!! The diet coke in the caribbean is Amazing!!!! (and it was that time of the month so my dc craving was out the roof!!:) We enjoyed shopping and met back up with our driver to get lunch on the ship then off to the beach!!Met back up with our tour and went to Meagan’s bay which is one of the top ten beaches in the entire world. Enjoyed the turquoise water and white sand for about 25 minutes before it began pouring rain. We found shelter in the bathrooms and our driver never showed up so we hitched a ride with some other guy.
M&M's might not fix everything but they sure do help....
after the beach we headed back to the ship, ate dinner and continued to try and find my luggage. They informed us that it looked like my luggage was lost but, that they would send around a flier to all of the rooms with a description of my bag in case it was put in the wrong state room. Needless to say I was a wreck. It had my lap top, scuba gear, brand new bathing suits, clothes, make up, jewelry, medicine...pretty much everything I need on a daily basis. Poor Adam, I am upset about my luggage plus extra emotional due to the time of the month so I just balled all night. Adam got so frustrated that a 'reputable' cruise ship lost my luggage. So he went and got me contact solution, deodorant and a bag of m&m's. Gotta love him!

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Stephanie said...

Beautiful ~~~ when Lance and I cruised for our honeymoon... I tagged our luggage and watched them load it in the 'box' and lift it up to the ship and they lost MY bag. They couldn't find it and I had to go to dinner dressed completely casual and looked a MESS (especially since we had traveled/flown all day long). No meds, no clothes, no makeup, nothing... on my flippin' honeymoon. The next day they found it outside someone's cabin ~ they claim it was just misdelivered. My stuff had been ransacked. I hope your story turns out well. What a fun trip to take with your fam.

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After