July 13, 2010

Sunday: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

We spent the entire day traveling. We were super exhausted so all we wanted to do was get to our hotel room and sleep!! The taxi driver dropped us all of and the outside of the hotel was really nice so our hopes were high! When we get to our room it was obvious they spent all their money on the outer appearance.....It was tiny!! There was not even room for our luggage. We learned over our trip this would not be the last frustrating situation on our trip but, more on that later :) Here are some photos from Puerto Rico!Boarding the Ship

We went to the pier and it was madness! Everyone is trying to board the ship, get luggage organized etc. My parents, brother and Adam and I had a total of 7 suitcases. I had 3 tags on mine; one with my name and address (in clear print), a tag with the room number, and a tag the man at the pier tied around it. So off our luggage went and we headed onto the ship. This is the main hub on the ship where the elevators, etc were. Our ships was 12 floors! It had a gym, miniature golf course, 2 pools, water slide, outdoor screen, etc..it was awesome!
It was a very cool ship!! We headed straight for the buffet ;) and then off to our room to get unpacked and relax. Now, luggage was going to be dropped off until about 8pm that night. Adam got his, we got our carry on, and my family all got theirs.....where was mine :( So by the end of the night I began to worry it was lost but, the cruise officials assured me that it could be until the next day. Annoying but, I could wait one day without ALL of my personal belongings.

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After