October 10, 2008

I'm a Push Over

So I think I am going to be the biggest push over as a mom because I am the biggest push over already with our puppy. When she does something naughty we put her in her kennel..which she hates! So I took her out to go "potty" and she wouldn't come in. Finally she did and I decided not to punish her...I honestly had to much to do. So about a half hour later I was looking for her and I couldn't find her anywhere...Sure enough I found her sitting in her kennel..she had punished herself! I felt so bad!
So last night I found a 'spot' on our newly cleaned carpet. I found Snicker's and all I had to do was point at her and she rolled over on her back. This is how she surrenders. She was so cute I couldn't punish her so Adam did. How can you punish and scold something so cute!:)

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Wilde ones said...

It's even harder with kids. Especially when you know you have to punish them, but you're trying really hard not to laugh. Laughing at their actions and then punishing them can really confuse them.

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Happily Ever After