September 29, 2008

Lil' Crop Update

Well, Adam and I have been extremely busy with school, work, church callings and all of that. This past Sunday was the Primary Program and it was hilarious! The little down syndrome boy in our class was who I sat by and he sneezed during the program...oh my goodness I have never seen so much snot! I had no tissues (since I'm not trained in full, mommy ways) so luckily one of the other teachers came to my aid:) Little kids are so funny and cute, when they aren't driving me crazy!!

Adam and I are loving the football season. It has become our form of relaxation! We are loving BYU's Amazing Season so far! We are cooking a lot lately and we are loving that as well. It is a lot cheaper for us and we are creating new, and healthy meals!

This past Sunday we decided to take a break from homework and we headed up the canyon to see the beautiful fall colors, well, Utah's fall colors which are orange, yellow and brown:). We had a picnic and played with Snicker's. It was a great way to finally relax and get out of the house!

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Jessica said...

Hey one of my friends who checked out your blog from my links said she hates you guys b/c you look like ambercrombie models..hate like in a good way....-did I already tell you that? -who cares everyone loves compliments..!love ya!
way to get out and enjoy life!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After