September 21, 2008

We Aren't Super Hereo's:(

So Adam and I had a hard realization today that we aren't super hereo's. We were well aware we couldn't dodge bullets and all that but, we seemed to have this wonderful mentality that we could handle anything life would throw at us. We have been working, going to school full time along with homework, cooking, cleaning and all the joys that come with life. We finally were getting into the groove of things but, then came our primary calling:) We love it but, it is so hard. We have an adorable little down syndrome boy named Taylor who is more than a handful. After church today Adam and I both took a hard realization that we aren't perfect and we aren't super hereo's. This is a really hard thing for me to swallow because now, I feel I can't accomplish anything. And we don'te even have kids yet so I don't know what we are going to do:)


Rik said...

ugh, i know exactly how you feel! i do the music in primary and it is seriously so hard. but it is definitely rewarding. stick with it, maranda! i know you guys are going to be great teachers!

Wilde ones said...

I think callings in primary and nursery are a lot harder than teaching adults and relief society. It takes a lot of patience. You guys will grow with the calling and you'll grow in learning how to deal with each individual child in your class. At least you're together and you can tag team. (I've only cried because of 2 callings: 1 primary, 1 nursery - it'll get better)
On another note: I love chex mix. I make the original every christmas season. I've made the chocolate kind too. Very yummy. I just use the recipe on the box. Stick with Chex's recipes and you can't go wrong. I also am in love with the Golden Graham smore's recipe. So good. Jess and Lance gave me their version. I'll email it to you with a couple of my other favorites when I get a chance.
Pregnancy: Hopefully I'll get my energy back by next week and be done with nausea. I really hope so b/c Matt left today for 4 weeks:( Bummer!
(Sorry this turned into a novel)

Jessica said...

Next time that punk acts up just smack him!

hee hee-umm not funny-but i KNOW adam laughed!!

Dudes you can't let this in ANY way determine how you "think" you might be with your own children. Even IF it is a special kid, you will KNOW your baby from the get go, you will just know what works-how to communicate-and how to love them. I always say I HATE babysitting, but I LOVE my kids and watching them!
so I "omit" it I'm biassssed hheee hee:)

Erin said...

I'm so glad you found me! How happy! You and your hubby are stinkin' adorable! I was at Roberts and I saw a cool wedding picture collage on the wall... and it was YOU! So pretty!

We need to get together with a group of ASL-ers and go to lunch! That would be SO fun!

Take care!


The Brownies said...

Adam..i only saw a little while ago on your sisters facebook that you got married! and you sure married a gorgeous girl! congrats man :):)

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After