September 14, 2014

We're Alive

Life has been crazy and the last couple of weeks have been some of the worst of our lives. The beginning of the end started about 4 weeks ago. We were shopping at Costco (and despite our best efforts to tell Carson to sit down) and Carson flipped out of the cart and landed on his head and back. We were worried about a concussion so we watched him for a few hours. He was screaming in pain and then started to throw up so we took him to the on call doctor. Sure enough...concussion. We had to wake him up every couple of hours and it was a long night for all of us.

The following weekend Adam had signed up for a triathalon. Which...he didn't really train for. He completed the tri in 1hr 30min but he didn't look to great at the end. We went and got lunch and soon after Adam started to throw up. We though maybe food poisoning, drinking lake water from the swim or something from the boys. Adam toughed it out all night and all Sunday. Monday morning came and his lower back was causing him a lot of pain so he went to the ER. We thought he would just need an IV and that he was probably severely dehydrated. We sat in the ER for 2 hours before they finally got him back. They started an IV and did some bloodwork. About an hour later the ER Doctor came in and explained to us that Adam had done some serious damage to both of his kidneys and he was in kidney failure. His creatine was 6.7 (most people normally are about 1-2) Adam was then admitted and we were told if his numbers hit 8 is when they usually start dialysis...:( To shorten a very long story and the worst week...Adam was in the hospital for a week. His creatine hit a high of 10.77 but because he started to urinate the nephrologist didn't feel it was yet necessary for dialysis. Once his numbers started to drop the doctor said its cheaper to be in pain at home and he was released. They said it will take about 6 months to a year for Adam to feel about normal. :( Being a single mother for a week was awful but, luckily my amazing sister in law Rachel flew out and Kendra and Rob were LIFESAVERS!!

It is experiences like this that are so humbling and we realize how many wonderful people we have in our lives.

There were a lot of late night diet coke runs for me....

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Little Ra said...

Oh, Maranda! What a terrible time for you guys. I wish I could have helped, but I'm so glad that you have fabulous family members (on both sides)! I read all of this to Scott and his reaction to the creatinine told me how bad it was. I'm glad you are all on the mend, even if it will take a while. I love you girl!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After