August 07, 2014

Carson's 3rd Birthday!

I am a terrible mother for not posting this back in just gets crazy and the last thing on my to-do list is blog. So here is a very late post on Carson's 3rd Birthday!

Carson LOVES anything super heroes. Especially Hulk, Captain America and Spiderman. This cake was SO easy to make and Carson loved it!!

He takes fighting bad guys very seriously :)

Final Product with the Thor Hammer and of course a number 3 :)

 We rented a bouncy house/slip n' slide for all the kids. Even the adults got in on the fun! This was the smartest thing we have ever done! It entertained the kids and Carson LOVED it!

We can't believe our  baby is well, not a baby and has turned 3! He is signed up for preschool, potty trained, and already way too independent! He is such a light in our home. He says the funniest things and truly has a good heart. He is the best big brother even though he has  had to fend for himself on many occasions and is learner patience and how tough it is to share.
Speaking of potty training this kid is AMAZING! I thought he was ready....repeat I thought he was ready. That was my first mistake. He did great for about 2 days and when I started to pack up diapers he had a melt down and wanted them back. :( I decided to not worry about the looks I was getting from people (since Carson looks like he is 5) and let him decide when he was ready.
About 2 weeks later he just started going in the potty..all the time! He wanted big boy undies and the first night no accidents at all! He sleeps in undies and everything! For his future posterity I won't post pictures of our potty training experience ;) but I am so proud of him!!!
Now stop growing up! :)

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