March 15, 2014

It's a Crazy, Wonderul Life

Who can even find the time to blog?!? Its way too late and I should be asleep but I feel like I'm neglecting our poor, sad little blog.

SO much has happened in the past couple of months. In January I turned 26 (yuck). I dropped off my brother on campus and it hit me...most of the kids on campus are younger than me!?!? I just need to get over the fact I'm not 20 anymore?) Other than my lack of acceptance in my age it was a wonderful birthday! I am enjoying this time with my wonderful Boys!

Church Basketball which Adam is enjoying
In February I really got into decorating the house, in hopes it would help me enjoy my least favorite month b.ut, to no avail I still hate February. This month I made a huge change for me and my family and (finally)  quit my job at USA. I had been SO unhappy for so long but, felt stuck between a rock and hard place. I  had been offered multiple jobs elsewhere but I kept putting them off. I finally decided I was worth more than the way I was being treated and took a HUGE leap of faith. I found a job that is literally 3 minutes from my house. I am doing more dental assisting which I love the the office is wonderful! Even Adam has noticed our home lives are so much happier! He isn't use to seeing me come home happy!

Valentines Dollar Store Trip:)
I am OBSESSED with the famous SWIG cookie so I thought I'd give it a shot! Oh my so amazing!!!
Just reading Lady and the Tramp. Chloe was very interested.

In March we had a herd of cows get loose onto our yard.....I'll give you a minute to let that settle.....

Adam came to see me at work and mentioned he needed to show me the yard. What a weird thing to say. He then mentioned that 28 COWS got out and were chilling in our yard all day long! How do you even begin to react to something like this....

Driving by our house the damage didn't look too bad except for the huge cow pies all over the place. Then we got out of the car and the damage was intense. Huge holes all over our new yard. Some even got about 8 inches deep.We are still working with the ranchers insurance company but hopefully we can get our entire front yard replaced at no cost to us because the damage is so bad!

Our neighbor across the street snapped a pic for us :)
 We've started making trips up to the Zoo and spending as much time as possible outside as Spring is starting to hit Utah. You never know if its here for good or if it will snow tomorrow so we snatch up every opportunity we can!

 My baby turned 6 months old this month! Where has the time gone?!? I felt I only had a small baby for a week. He is weighing in at 18.9 pounds. He is in the 85th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height and head circumference. He is starting to look more and more like Carson. You can definitely tell they are brothers. He adores Carson. Whenever Carson walks into the room Bennett just lights up and giggles.


My sweet,( not so little anymore) Carson has had a big couple of months as well! He is now sleeping in a big boy bed that is decked out in Avengers gear:) He LOVES "speederman" and runs around the house chasing bad guys. He also starting to potty train. We are letting him call all the shots when it comes to potty training and so far its been a good experience for both Carson and mom and dad but, in reality we have no idea what we're doing :)

We won free tickets to Disney on Ice and despite his scowl he loved every minutes! So much so that he threw the biggest fit when the show ended! Everyone looked at us like we were stealing him he was freaking out so much. Very embarrassing for Mom and Dad.

They fight but at the end of the day these two are best buddies!!!!

She is the sweetest little doggy. We sure love our Chloe

Getting ready for gardening and Carson was ready to take the lead at the nursery.

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