July 08, 2013

House Update..again :)

Exactly ONE WEEK from today our house will be complete! We are overly excited and we can't stop driving down and just sitting in our empty house :) For every stage of this process I have been stressed. I couldn't remember the type of cabinets we picked or the carpet etc..so every time they installed it I was nervous but I think it has turned out great!!

This is an older picture. We now have gutters and railing.

Before granite and appliances

Fireplace right before carpet was installed

Granite and appliances are in!

Our entry way
I'll try and do one last post of everything before we move in just so I can have it all documented :) Once we move in then we can start to get ready for this baby who will be here in 2 months!!!

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After