June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Fathers day was amazing this year! It has been a really rough last couple of months for my dad so it was nice to have a day to set aside and really honor him. My dad was laid off in April after working at his job for 22 years and it has taken such a toll on him. It is so hard to see your dad struggle. He has always been the rock of our home and such a wonderful example to everyone he knows.

It was great to also spend the day honoring Adam. Words can't express how much I love him and appreciate him as a father. The day I married him I though it was impossible to love him more than I already did. Then seeing him as a father my heart has swelled. Carson is so incredibly lucky to have him.

We started the weekend off with yet another trip to the zoo :) We have to make good use of our zoo passes!

After a long and much needed nap (for both Carson and Mommy) we were lucky enough to get free tickets to the monster truck rally in spanish fork. Not really our scene but it was a lot of fun! At first Carson was hesitant about the noise but once we got ear muffs he LOVED it!

We then went and watched fireworks to end the night. Carson was more entertained running in the grass barefoot then the actual fireworks.

The following day we went down to Salem Pond and spent the afternoon. We love going here! It is kid friendly, great fishing and the view is amazing!

Seriously how adorable are my parents :)

Just fishing

Best Buddies

It was a wonderful day celebrating the wonderful men and fathers in our lives! We love you guys!!

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