January 06, 2013

Drawing Closer to the Savior

1. Early to bed and early to rise

2. Prepare to feel the spirit through: humble, fervent, vocal prayer, meditate about family, scripture, callings, and ponder a scripture you read that day.

3. Organize your day to include:
                   a. reading scriptures
                   b. meaningful family prayer
                   c. say only positive, true and uplifting things about others
                   d. lift someone today - phone call, visit, note etc...
                   e. physical excercise

4. Attend a temple session once a month (I know the temple for some is quite a distance so just a goal in going any time you can is great :)

5. Try to obey all commandments

6. Do quality visiting teaching/home teaching

7. Hold family home evening

8. Listen to uplifting music

And if your having a really tough day you can try my cure all and read 2 Nephi Chapter 4.

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After