November 18, 2012


The only word I could think of to describe our lives lately and therefore this post is 'scattered'. This past month has been in one word awful! We are ready for the holiday season to start up and hopefully get this rough patch behind us :) We have had the loss of a pet, and poor Carson first got a cold....then double ear infections (with a fever medicine wouldn't break) and now onto teething (yet again.) I failed as a Mom in the fact that the only picture I got of Carson on Halloween was on my phone and the quality is terrible....It was the day after Snicker's died and we were all a mess. So here is a load of pictures showing everything we've been up to lately.

Carson was a monkey for Halloween :) He caught on really quick to the concept. He would say "trick-treat" while signing treat and then would say thank you:) At first he didn't like the candy in his bucket...he wanted to eat it right then:) Everyone thought he was so cute they kept giving him more than one candy...the kid made a haul!

A lot of people said to help with the passing of Snicks that we should get another dog. I was hesitant but it honestly has helped. Our house just felt empty without a dog. Although, I did forget how much work a puppy requires...We named him Bosco mainly because that is the name Carson picked up on the quickest and kept saying over and over :)

Carson had a fever of 102 for 2 days and medicine wasn't helping...finally the antibiotic brought it back down but this is a picture of our sick little guy :(

Doesn't he look like he just walked off the set of Grease :)

Nana and Papa got back from the trip to Paris and only fitting that they got Carson a beret (sp??) hat :) Doesn't Carson look pleased...

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After