November 02, 2012

My sweet little Snickers

Even though I am still really hurting and struggling I am hoping this will help bring me some closure which my subconscious is desperately trying to avoid. On October 30th I lost my sweet little dog that I had for almost 7 years.

The day started off perfectly normal with giving Carson a bath and getting my daily errands done. Snickers was doing her normal thing of sun bathing until we all piled in the car and went to the gas station 'Crest' where I would get her her normal 3 beef jerkys, Carson a tummy tickler and me my fix of diet coke.  I was suppose to head over to my Moms around 1 but Carson took the longest nap and we didn't end up getting there until about 2:30. My parents live in a secluded cul de sac that our whole family would run around and play in. I was pushing Carson around in his truck when I turn around to the sound of a car. First thing I start looking for Snickers and I don't see her anywhere. All of sudden I see her underneath the van but I quickly realized she missed the first two tires but she got caught in the back tires. She yelped and kept trying to stand but couldn't. It was obvious she was in a lot of pain and I thought she had a broken leg but that was all. I quickly loaded Carson up, grabbed my Mom and Snickers and sped to the nearest vet.

When we arrived he listened to her breathing and said something was seriously wrong and that he needed to get her on oxygen immediately. I lost it.....

Carson started to act up so I took him outside to get his wiggles out and right on the corner of the intersection I prayed so hard that my dog would live. Probably seems silly to those who don't have pets but she was my first baby and best without her wasn't an option. After sometime I went back in and my Mom was in hysterics. She said the vet got the xrays back but he was going to have to take a closer look because it was much worse than he had even thought.

By this time Adam and my Dad had arrived and we all waited for him to give us some hope. He dragged on and on about how serious her injuries were but he never said clearly that she wasn't going to make it. He kept giving us options of taking her to Salt Lake and getting emergency surgery etc....good thing Adam was thinking clearly he finally said "if this was your dog what would do?"  The vet very honestly said even with surgery she wouldn't live past 48 hours. She had a herniated diaphragm and her lungs weren't getting enough oxygen, she was in a lot of pain also due to her dislocated hip and broken pelvis. He said he would give us a few minutes to decide what to do and we all felt we should put her down. Before we could even give our decision he returned stating she was already passing and if we wanted to see her last few moments we had to hurry.

We walk in and I see my sweet little dog  laying there with tubes in her nose and slowly slipping away. Carson kept pointing saying "dog", "dog". The vet confirmed after a few short moments that her heart had stopped and he handed me her collar.

Needless to say this has been my week from hell. My house is empty as well as my heart. I keep waiting for the call that she is all better and is ready to be picked up. I don't care what anyone says but pets are family and Snickers brought so much joy to ours over the years.

I will miss and love you forever


.:Anna:. said...

Oh my gosh, Meranda... I'm totally crying right now. I am so sorry. I totally understand-Snickers is part of the family, I would just die if something happened to my little fur baby. I know she was the luckiest little furball ever to be part of your life. She will be missed.

I am so sorry.

Jessica said...

I'm so sorry Maranda! I've never had a pet like that, but I know how much of a family member they can be, and I'm sure it's really hard! He is such a cutie...I love all the pictures you have with him - I'm sure you're glad you have them now too to help you remember him.

Rachel said...

Oh no! So sorry for you Maranda. Snickers was such a sweet little dog! It's definitely ok to be sad. Love you!

LanceJess said...

Sorry Maranda. I don't even have a pet and I'm crying a bit because clearly she was a whole part of your life. We love you. We are hugging you!!!

JeRiCa said...

Maranda I feel so bad. Seriously I am balling right now because I can't even imagine how hard that must have been for you. I remember how much you loved him and he was SO CUTE. I'm sorry, little darling.

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