October 21, 2012

We LOVE the Zoo!

This was our second family trip this year to the Zoo and we absolutely LOVE IT!! Carson is such a champ and loves seeing all of the different animals. Adam and I enjoy it to because we get to enjoy the last few warm days of fall and get some exercise:)

 Adam didn't want to get in the birds nest...but someone had to :)
 Bald Eagles

 Sea Lions
Carson loved the Polar Bear. He kept diving and then jumping up right to the window over and over again.

Carson also love Giraffes...we stayed at this exhibit probably the longest :)


Pretty much what I do all day....chase my toddler

Adam pretending his in a zoo exhibit...Carson was laughing so hard!

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Lindsay said...

Why are you so dang cute!! I love you all alone in the bird nest!! Carson is so squeezable! I love him!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After