May 08, 2011

Baby Carrier??

I need opinions on what is the best baby carrier??I have heard that a baby carrier is a great thing to have because it keeps your hands free. I was looking into the Baby Bjorn's which I have heard great things about but, I'm just not sure....Plus there are so many options with the Bjorn's I was wondering if any of you had a preference?!?

There are also baby slings which I have heard mixed reviews on. Any suggestions?!? I am at a total loss here!


Anonymous said...

The ergo baby carrier is mucho expensive and tends to be best for cold weather, but I've heard good things. I have the baby bjorn and it's great but it KILLS my back after about a half an hour. They make a bjorn with a strap around the waste (the baby bjorn active I think it's called) and I have heard it's much more comfortable. The cheap carriers work but can be really uncomfortable after awhile (For baby and mom) unless you happen to find one that is designed just right. So I guess I'm recommended the bjorn active if you go with the bjorn? I haven't tried it but I've heard it's better for your back than the original.

-Karyn McHenry

Wilde ones said...

Ask Jessica about her wrap. I borrowed it for Seth when he was a newborn and absolutely loved it! When they get past the floppy head newborn stage the bjorns are nice. We have one of those too.

.:Anna:. said...

I have several, but the only one you can use with a new born is ... this random one my sister gave me. I'm going to do my best to describe it since I don't know what I am talkinga bout. It's like a fabric tire. Does that make sense? Like someone took a foot wide piece of fabric and sewed the ends together to make a circle, and you throw it over your shoulder like a purse with a long strap... I think I am just confusing.
Anyway, it's comfy, and I use it to take the baby for quick walk with the dog when the stroller is too much.

LanceJess said...

Jen is referring to the red wrap n wear from wrap n It's so simple n comfortable but after a few months we go to bjorn n use that forever. Jk. I haven't looked to see what's new out there so we just have a regular bjorn n works great as long as u have it adjusted right as ur baby grows n for whoever is wearing it. Call anytime but I def recommend u get a carrier or register for one or tell Jess n lance which one u want n they will make it their present to u hint hint:)

Anonymous said...

Our good friends researched and found us a TOTALLY amazing snuggie. It could be worn on your stomach or back, I didn't use it much when Liam was a baby, but when he was about 5-8 months i used it all the time on my back, I LOVED it. I looked at bjorn's, but didn't like not being able to put it on my back. The snuggie was alot cheaper, not sure how it would work with baby on the stomach though, never tried it.

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