May 18, 2011

Amazing Adam!

From the first time I met Adam I could tell he was a hard worker. Little did I know way back then that he was the hardest worker I would ever know!! There have been many times throughout our marriage where Adam will take on a second, sometimes even a third job just so we can make extra payments on our bills or pay off more debt. We know that we are ok with him working one job but, he is willing to make the sacrifice to get ahead. (Even if it does nearly kill him!) Even after foot surgery he went right back to work delivering furniture (on crutches no less!!!)

With a new house and a baby on the way it is easy to get overwhelmed especially with the finances but, I have been so blessed to have Adam by my side. I know that he has crunched the numbers (countless times and down to the penny) and that no matter what we are going to be ok! Doesn't mean we haven't budgeted or eaten our fair share of ramen:) but, I am always comforted by his hard work to take care of our family.

I am just so grateful for him, his hard work and the wonderful father I know he is going to be to our little guy! I couldn't have married a better man!!

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Carly said...

Hey ! I just saw your blog post about baby slings! I was given the sling called the moby and looove it! Jett falls asleep every time he is in it! At first I thought no way am I going to be able to figure this thing out...but i gave it a try and it has saved me so many times! Check it out :)

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Happily Ever After