April 06, 2011

Blog Help?!?

I am not tech savvy....I'm sure if I sat down and messed with our blog enough I could figure things out but, with a new house and getting ready for a new little addition I am exhausted all the time!!! So my question.....how does everybody get these cute headers that are centered, with their blog title and all the cute decorations with them?!? I am seriously about to lose it with this blog and trying to make it look cute....:) Any advice you have please send my way!

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.:Anna:. said...

Playing blog catch up!

You are getting close to having your baby!!! My little guy got here on the 10th!

What kind of header did you want? Did you figure it out yet? I'm not totally tech savvy-I love the borders you have around your posts but maybe I can help. Facebook/email me! tewcute@gmail.com

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After