April 07, 2011

32 Week Appointment

Today was my 32 week appointment and everything is right on track! It was great to hear my Doctor say "You are getting close to the end!"
I keep having these crazy dreams that our baby comes out a toddler and walks around the delivery room telling everyone Hi :) (I have fears our baby will be big...) but, according to my measurements and everything baby and I are right on track. (Phew). Hopefully things stay that way!

And we have (I think depending on if it fits him when he's born....:) decided on a name!!!! No telling yet though!

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Nick and Carrie said...

Haha...those CRAZY pregnancy dreams are awesome aren't they?1? Seriously causes more stress than needed. I'm excited for you! Just try and relax and enjoy some sleep now while you still can!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After