February 14, 2011

Need Opinions!!

We need everyone's opinion! We are getting some appliances for our new home and we would like some opinions on what you would pick?
1. Black or silver fridge/freezer (is silver worth the fingerprints etc..)
2. Gas or electric stock?
3. Double or single oven?

There are so many options and it is so hard to figure out what is best?!?!?


Jessica said...

Hey you and Adam get the final say, but my opinion is dont over improve for your home or where you live. that being said gas resales better, as does stainless steel, and double ovens can ne really expensive but boy do i really want one, we had the chance to put double ovens in but it was like a 5000 upgrade??!!! and we thought we would be over improving for our neighborhood and not get that money back if we sell in the future. soo exctied for baby boy!!!

jcrop said...

I vote black over stainless steel since you will soon have a toddler that will put finger prints all over it.
I like gas because it heats up quickly
I vote for a double oven we have one and it is awesome when we have guests over for big meals. Other than that we don't use the second one that often. It depends on how much you bake.
You should also put a giant picture of me on the fridge to remind adam of how cool his brother is.

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Happily Ever After