January 09, 2011

Too Much Stress

I think the stress is getting to me lately. I think I am actually getting physically sick because the level of stress. Work has been CRAZY!!! We have a huge day at work tomorrow that is very fundamental to our practice which has my mind running a mile a minute. I've been working over 40 hours a week and needless to say I'm exhausted.....

We are house hunting and have put an offer in on a house which is so exciting but also very nerve racking. Is this the right home for us?!? Are the neighbors nice?!? Is everything going to go as needed?!?

And even though June seems far away I am realizing there is a lot to do before baby Crop gets here and I haven't even started!

I know everything will work out but, I am so overwhelmed and stressed!!!

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After