January 09, 2011

Blog Help!!!

So turns out when we have a new post it doesn't refresh on anyone's 'list' of blogs they visit. I am thinking this has to do with us making our blog private but, does anyone know if there is anyway to change this?!?!? And I have also heard that when you click on our link it redirects you, or something like that?!? Yikes! I had no idea! Anyone have any suggestions?!?!?


Chris and Jen Wright said...

I"ve never heard of a way to fix the feed thing, I just kept my public blog and use it as my 'update' and then post links to the private one and if someone isn't invited, they can leave a message so I can add their email.

.:Anna:. said...

Basically what Jenni said.

I should comment more often!!!

I'm so excited for your house and your baby :) Ah so exciting!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After