December 08, 2010

New York at Christmas Time!

Adam and I plus my parents were lucky to go to New York this past week and visit Adam's family out there. I have never been to New York around Christmas and both my parents and I were ecstatic!! It is always so nice to see Adam's family. Every time we go out there I never want to come home. We enjoyed our usual New York favorites like: NY Pizza, Blazing Bagels, Dunkin Doughnuts and the great cooking of Adam's family! Below are some pictures of our adventures in the city and Adam's beautiful house at Christmas time. Hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season!

Adam's home in New York at Christmas time!! Beautiful Lights!!
We went and saw the Rockette's Christmas Show at Radio City. It was awesome!
It was FREEZING!!!
Gotta LOVE Canal Street :)

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After