December 08, 2010

Fun Surprise

Adam's cute sister Rachel works for an OBGYN out in New York. When we got there she said she would try and work something out so maybe we could get an ultrasound and see the little bean:) We were so lucky to get to go in yesterday and have an ultrasound. We saw five little fingers, the little feet etc. It was the neatest experience and it was so nice to have my parents there and Adam's Dad and sister Rachel. Below is one of the pictures (sorry it's not to clear) but, it is of our baby sucking it's thumb :)Thank you SO much Rachel for getting us in. It was such a Wonderful experience.


Chris and Jen Wright said...

oh! this is the best! how fun you were able to do that!!! I still need to share my baby tips with you..

Stephanie said...

Congratulations Maranda (and Adam) on your growing family! Very exciting...

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After