July 20, 2009

Health Status...

So for the last couple of weeks my health has not been so great! I was throwing up constantly and even started throwing up blood (sorry if too much detail). Needless to say Tums has become my new food staple... So today I went and got an EGD (camera into my stomach..) I am still recovering from the sedative....Too make the story short I had a bleeding ulcer. It has recovered and I am on strict orders to not stress out or to figure out a way to deal with stress. So I have found my remedy below: :) Enjoy!

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I cannot accept,

And the wisdom to hide the bodies of those I had to kill today, because they got on my nerves.

Also help me to be careful of the toes I step on today, as they may be connected to the feet I may have to kiss tomorrow.

Help me to always work at 100%

12% on Monday

23% on Tuesday

40% on Wednesday

20% on Thursday

5% on Friday

And help me to remember…..

When I’m having a bad day and it seems that people are trying to wind me up, that it takes 42 muscles to frown, 28 muscles to smile, and only 4 to extend my arm and smack you in the mouth.

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JeRiCa said...

Oh my heck you are so cute even when you are practically dying! I can't believe that you look like a million bucks at work when your lil stomach is going through heck. So sorry little girlfriend. I will kill anyone who messes with you (although you are a feisty lil thing and can take care of yourself)!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After