February 06, 2009

Married People are Lame...Say What??

Ok I could not disagree more with the above statement but this is what I constantly hear from those who aren't married. Some of their complaints are: they are CHEAP, they have NO SOCIAL LIFE, and they just SIT AROUND & WATCH TV....

So, I am going to attack each one of these single folks complaints. First being CHEAP. Yes, most married people are but, may I ask why this is a bad thing? Married couples may seem cheap but this is actually a mature sign of responsibility on their spending. They find joy in the simple, cheap, fun things in life like, a dollar movie or a dollar menu date night. Being cheap isn't lame its responsible.

Second complaint is that married couples have NO SOCIAL LIFE. Wrongo! To someone who is not married I can see how this assumption would be made. Let me try and explain. If you marry your best friend who else would you want to hang out with? Seriously, I spend every day with Adam and I couldn't be happier. We socialize and hang out with friends but, the social life to singles is different than it is to those who are married. My social life is Adam and I wouldn't want any other form of social life than that.

Third complaint is that married people just SIT AROUND AND WATCH TV...first off I know many people who are not married that do just this. After working a full time job and going to school and church callings and everything else that comes with life there is nothing wrong with sitting, cuddling up with your spouse and watching TV. If this makes married people lame it makes a lot of single people lame as well.

So, this is my defense about married people being lame but, in all honesty if these complaints above define married people as lame than I am A-OK with being lame. Its been the best decision in my life and I wouldn't trade being lame for anything else in the world:)


lizzyjean88 said...

I love you! you are so stinking cute!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!! Being married is the best and there is nothing wrong with being cheap, boring, and just watching tv!!!

Cason and Marie said...

Amen sista!! You are cute!!

Nicole said...

Amen!! You hit it right on!

kateandpeterlowe said...

I agree! We can totally be lame sometimes, but you know what? Those singles are just jealous they can't be cheap and cool at the same time! haha! Hey would you be able to do the facial tomorrow (tues) at 6:30? Let me know, if you could text me that'd be best! :) 801-592-4980

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Happily Ever After