November 24, 2008

Sharing Time & Sunday Fun

This past Sunday Adam and I were assigned to teach sharing time and I was less than slightly freaking out. I was so nervous to teach all of these rowdy kids. How would we be able to take up 20 minutes?? Luckily Adam is so good with kids and he teaches them so well! The lesson was on being loving and kind to all of God's children. We then played a matching game with pictures of all the things we are grateful for. I was amazed 20 minutes flew by and the kids really had fun and behaved. What a blessing it went so smoothly and that it is over with.

After church my parents and I took Adam some lunch and went for a tour around the LDS Motion Picture Studio. My parents LOVED it! My mom was snapping photos everywhere she turned so I'll be posting photos soon! What a great and relaxing Sunday!

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After