October 16, 2008

Rough Day:(

Everyone has those awful days where you don't think anything else could go wrong and then...it does. This was the story of my day yesterday! I have worked at a place called BuilderFusion over the last 10 months. I went into work and found out that the company is going down. More than half of the company got laid off including me:( So that was the way my day started...

I have been really sick the last couple of days and I went to the doctor's finally. Come to find out I have a serious virus. Oh Joy!

So later that evening I got a mid-term grade that I thought I did really well on and I didn't.

I don't want to curse myself more but, seriously I don't think anything else could wrong!


The Murphy's said...

Sorry to hear about your day. Chocolate makes things feel better sometimes. Of course if you don't feel well it may make things worse. Hang in there!

The Brownies said...

chocolate..totally! what a stinky day, but at least you have the love of your life and your all healthy! feel better :)

Jessica said...

was this adam?yeah we're in the same boat..sounds like adam but if it is maranda, then yeah CHOCOLATE..

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After