May 08, 2014

I'm sick of this....

Dieting Sucks! Short post of my ranting on how sick I am of boiled chicken, apples and cucumbers. All I want is a freaking piece of pizza. I had a dream I ate a doughnut and woke up so upset with myself....

The baby weight just isn't flying off like it did before. I can credit a lot of that due to my lack of self control and being extremely tired with two little ones, working three days a week and now a yard that needs CONSTANT care (on top of everything else us Moms do :)

Maybe if I post on our blog and writing it out will help my goal of losing 11 more pounds sink in!

And also, why does Adam always want to eat doughnuts or ice cream or cookies...he's killing me! :)

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Anna Tew said...

And!? I have 10 pounds to go too. Kill me now.

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After