August 22, 2013

Still Alive..

Moving is EXHAUSTING!! We are still alive over here  but barely:) We have moved in and we are loving our new home. I am a little OCD though and have probably re-organized our kitchen 3 times :) On top of moving Adam has been working so hard in our yard!! I haven't been much help since I'm so pregnant but we have been so blessed with an amazing ward, neighbors and family that have come and helped him . We now have grass!! :) funny the things you get excited about once you own a home. We though the stress would leave once the grass was in but now, we have 3 weeks (maybe less if I'm induced) until baby arrives. Our jeep can't fit a now we are on the hunt for a better family car.

Due to my crazy two year old I don't have the time to organize my posts and pictures so here is a random picture overload of the last 2 months.

Starting him young :)

All of the top soil that had to be raked and combed before sod was delivered.

Terrible photo but give you some idea how messy this kid was

We got two kittens to help with field mice and Carson is obsessed!! He named the boy  Jack and the girl LoLa.

Rachel and Nathan came to visit and they even offered to help Adam spread dirt. Best Family!!

Payson Pool

Adam celebrated his 29th Birthday!!!

Front Sitting Room

With a dirt yard this kid literally had 2-3 baths a day. I just couldn't keep him clean!

Built in being installed was a little too loud for Carson

Kitchen complete. Pic taken day before we moved in :)

Our couches weren't delivered until a few days after we moved in so they cuddled on the floor.

One week into our new house and while carrying Carson I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle at 34 weeks pregnant.

Playing in the dirt. His favorite thing to do!

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After