June 09, 2013

What a Ham!

Carson is FULL of attitude :) Adam and I debate on which one of us he got it from...I'm convinced now that it's both of us. Whenever he sees anyone he yells... I think he is trying to play and 'scare' them but he comes off as a little possessed kid. :) We are trying to teach him to say hello instead but, its a work in progress.

We have been having so much fun!! Carson hates being cooped up inside and since its warm out we are taking full advantage! I don't know what we are going to do this coming winter....

We are hitting up the zoo, aquarium, going up the canyon, splash pad, zoo and local carnivals every weekend! Carson has a pretty legit farmers tan going on and from running all over the place his little legs have taken a beating. So far it has been a great summer!

27 weeks pregnant. I didn't take any prego photos with Carson so I'm trying to remember a little bit with this one :)

His favorite place: Seven Peaks :)

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After