April 07, 2013

It's A......

And we are Thrilled!! When we left the ultrasound Adam smirks and says "I'm building an army :)" Carson is starting to pick up on the idea a little bit but, I think he will understand more once I get larger. Everyone predicted girl and during the ultrasound the baby was really stubborn so it took the tech a while but when he found 'it' we all knew :)

The tech said the baby was pretty big (got the same story with carson) So he predicted my due date to be the 8th of September. Hopefully this baby will be nice like Carson and come a little early and only weigh 7 pounds :) Here's to wishing!


Kennan said...

Congrats Maranda!

JeRiCa said...

YAYYYY! I always wanted a bunch of boys to make me feel super safe! You will be the cutest mom to two boys! Perfect.

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After