March 03, 2013

Carson 21 Months

sorry for the terrible IPhone photo...
Carson is such a ham! He always has everyone laughing. He is also HUGE!! He is already up to my hip in height and is wearing some 3T clothes. No one believes me when I tell them he is not yet 2. He is going to be tall just like his dad! His pediatrician at his last appointment predicted based off growth chart he would be around 6'2. Good thing he didn't get Mommy's height!

He can count to 3, sing twinkle little star and also most of the songs to tangled :) He knows the colors blue, green, red and brown. He loves animals and knows most of their names and the sounds they make. (I give most of the credit for that one to the IPad :) It really has taught him a lot!

He likes to have dance parties and jump off of things...:) he loves to mimic and say exactly what you are saying. The other day in the car his favorite show Little Einsteins was on and they said "say hieroglyphics" and sure enough coming from the back seat I hear him say it :) I was impressed!

He is all boy and that is my disclaimer.....the kid LOVES feather boas!!! When he is going down for a nap or bed time he asks for his blanket and boa. They shed everywhere and I am so sick of vacuuming up feathers :) We've tried to 'lose' them but he can't seem to let them go. He also LOVES balls! He throws all of them down the stairs first thing in the morning. I'm surprised we haven't broken our necks yet tripping on one.

He loves suckers or anything with sugar for that matter. When we get him out of the car and make him leave his sucker he says "bye sucka". We've actually started to get juice and snacks that are sugar free cause he eats so much we are worried about diabetes. There is no stranger danger when it comes to treats or someone offering candy..
2 suckers at the same time...

Carson is slowly picking up on the idea that he is going to be a big brother. We'll ask him "are you going to be a big brother" and he yells "sister"! Maybe he knows something we don't :) He also points to my belly and says baby.

On the naughty end the kid is starting to throw fits and it is driving me crazy. He jibber jabbers all day and I can't understand what he is saying which causes frustration. We are slowly learning what he is saying and his frustrating is going down a little ;)

We sure love our little monkey and are really trying to enjoy this time with just the three of us before baby #2 arrives.

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