February 16, 2013

Still Here

The most difficult part about blogging is finding the time and the title. I'm not sure why but I hate figuring out the title...

We are still here and the lack of blogging lately is a sign of how crazy things have been over at this Crop house. I can't honestly remember if I even did a Christmas post...yikes.

Frosting cookies. Carson was a little overwhelmed with how many cookies we had :)

We watched The Grinch...A LOT! I didn't complain it's my favorite Christmas movie

Lots of sledding this past few weeks...what else is there to do in Utah...outside...in the winter...

Carson's ball pit that he got for Christmas.

 Meet CoCo:
Ever since Snickies passed away I have really been struggling. We tried a 6 week old yorkie puppy but he would non-stop attack Carson. So, we gave him to a cute family that had just put their yorkie to sleep due to old age. We occasionally will go to the pound and walk the dogs to help get their energy out and give them some attention. We went and saw this cute, 1 year old, female yorkie. (and yes I'm emotional and right there in the shelter I started balling) She looked just like my Snicks! So, we did what any reasonable person would do ;) we adopted her that day. She limps really bad because her knee cap was somehow injured and it fused to the side of her leg and she has a dark scar around her nose because previous owners kept her muzzled. The shelter said they probably bred her out and once they were done with her they dropped her off. She is the sweetest, most loving dog we have ever owned. I loved Snicks but man she was a brat :) So here is our new family addition and we couldn't be happier. We are so lucky to of found her and she seems very happy in her new home!

Carson's new obsession: Sunglasses

We have finally completed the designing stage of our new home. Now onto city permits and then to building!! 4-5 months really isn't that far away but with the all the planning that has been going on I'm pretty much ready to have it done tomorrow :) Pictures to come of the process once it actually begins!

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After