December 18, 2012

Visit from Santa

Carson was lucky enough to get a personal visit from Santa Clause this year! We were a little worried since he was so hesitant earlier this year but Carson did great! We all waited for Santa at my parents house and when Santa arrived Carson started jumping all over the place screaming "ho ho ho". It was adorable!

He still refused to sit on Santa's lap but he would hand out the presents to whoever Santa said it was for and he would give him hugs. Santa brought Carson a little toy truck, some Christmas M&M's and a BYU blue feather boa...:)

Santa must of known Mommy and Daddy pretty well because he also brought us huge bars of chocolate! Pretty sure that and Diet Coke are my lifelines :)

Santa tried to have him sit on his lap but Carson was not having it! :)

1 comment:

LanceJess said...

Wow! You are so great at decorating I just wanna swim and lay down in all that Christmas!!! Also I want to squeeze my nephew so tight that I have yet to meet!!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After