August 19, 2012

August 2012

August has been a wonderful month and Adam and I are literally counting down the days until Fall. Its our favorite season!!

Carson is walking ALL OVER the place and can now reach into drawers I had not yet baby proofed.....:) He mimic's everything you say but it usually comes out sounding like Da da...go figure. His newest trick is after he eats something he likes he says "Mmmm". cutest thing! He also signs "please" whenever he sees candy and it melts my heart so the kid has been eating lots of sugar :)

Adam has been extremely busy at work with a new install of a machine and techs and trainee's taking up his lab. Luckily they are gone now and hopefully work can return to normal for him.

We've got lots of big decisions coming up and it seems we are always anticipating and planning our next big adventure! (no we are not pregnant...I'll clear that right now :) Even when life gets very overwhelming and you feel as if you fall short on well...everything we are still so truly blessed and have so much to be grateful for! Wow, enough blabbing here are some picture from this month cause lets be honest everyone only cares about the pics :)

 Adam and Carson caught a pretty yucky bug this month (who gets a cold in August?!?!) Needless to say there was a lot of laying around and a lot of Baby Einstein playing in our house.

 Obsessed with Bath Time is an under statement...

 And we let Carson go crazy with some of our Cafe Rio Salad....I dare say he may like it more than Mommy does :)

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