June 30, 2012

It's a Crazy Life

Summer has been so much fun and we are busy every second of every day :) Carson loves the water whether its bath time or pool time he refuses to get out. I dread bath time now due to the fit I'll have to deal with when its time for bed :) Carson is a character and his little personality is so much fun! He can say 'Uh Oh', 'Ma ma' (took him long enough :) 'Da da' and 'Wow'. He is into everything!! Especially anything that belongs to the dog....dog food, dog water, dog treats, and dog bones. Poor Snickers is starving because we have to keep putting her water and food up on the counter. Carson also loves the stairs. When we put up the baby gate he throws a fit!! He is definitely  one for the dramatics (oh great.....)

Your favorite foods are: blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, bananas, sweet peas, Eggo, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, oatmeal, carrots, pears and sweet potatoes.

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After