May 30, 2012

Carson's FIRST Birthday!

 I can hardly believe our little baby turned 1!! This past year has gone by so fast and at the same time so slow :) My Mom and I have been planning his 'Zoo Themed' party for quite some time and I was nervous things wouldn't work out....especially the cake. This was our first time working with fondant and I wanted it to be perfect!! 

The cake was three layers and everything on the cake was edible except the stand and the candle. 
Cutting into the cake was a big deal for us....all of that hard work destroyed in minutes :)
We hand dipped Oreos in animal molds along with pretzel sticks. We made the palm trees out of tootsie rolls and fondants and the hanging monkeys out of melting chocolate.
We also took Carson to the Zoo for the first time. My dad was convinced he wouldn't really like it since he is so little but, he LOVED it! We would leave an exhibit and he would scream until he saw more animals. Finally he figured it out that we would see more animals and stopped freaking out between each exhibit. :)
We sure love our little monkey!!


Jessica said...

Two words...awe. some. That's it

Marc and Lindsay Duncan said...

You're are my idol. Miss you and your mad skills!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After