March 03, 2012

9 Months

Carson had his 9 Month apt and everything is looking great!!
Head Circumference 42%
Weight 47%
Height 60%.

The pediatrician said everything is looking great!! Based off of his height he is estimating that Carson will be 6 feet tall. Not to shabby :) Adam was relieved I think he was worried Carson would get my height and end up being 5 feet tall.

We are loving the stage Carson is at. He LOVES grown up foot...aka anything that isn't associated with Gerber :) He enjoys his baby food well enough but if there is pizza out he isn't going to eat boiled, mashed peas. We can tell he is fully capable of crawling he just doesn't have the desire. He is starting to experience separation anxiety which is fun for all us :) He is a sleeping champ and we are SO grateful!!!! We can hardly believe it has been 9 months...time really is flying and we are enjoying everyday!!

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JeRiCa said...

He is darling, Maranda. I love him!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After