November 16, 2011

Lots of Firsts

Carson has been experiencing a lot of 'firsts' this past week.

We went down to Las Vegas to visit some of our family and we had such a great time. Carson did great in the car (which I was worried about). We ate lots of yummy food, we got to go to the air show at the air force base which we loved but Carson didn't like it as much:) And we loved getting to spend time with family!!

Carson has also been eating baby food and he loves it!! It is helping him sleep so Mom and Dad are loving it too! :)And sorry no pictures of this one but, Carson had his first HUGE blowout today.....Not so fun for Mom :(

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.:Anna:. said...

Oh. my. Gosh. He is so freaking cute. I want to assure you, that when you look at your son and you say, "Omg could he be any cuter" you can rest assured that no. He can't. You have a cute son. There is no just sayin that to be nice. Your son is a DOLL. It's not just cause you're his mom and you think he is cute, he is ADORABLE

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After