March 13, 2011

Officially Home Owners!!!

We are officially HOME OWNERS :) We picked up the keys and started to finally chip away at our forever long "To-Do List". First on our list was painting.......I absolutely Hate painting!!! I am to OCD for taping that if it isn't perfect I have to start all over and the same goes with painting. I want everything to turn out and look perfectly. With how much painting we decided and needed to do I was dreading this weekend! Needless to say it is Sunday night and we are both sore and exhausted but very pleased with how everything turned out. Now...onto the rest of our to-do list. I have some before and after pictures but, they don't do it justice. The house was the peachy color so we picked a color close with out the "peach" and it turned out great! It turned out to be a light sand color.
Great Room Before
Great Room After
The biggest change was in the nursery. The previous owners painted this room Kermit the Frog Green and even though the picture doesn't show it....they did a terrible job painting! Green was all over the ceiling. Needless to say our work was cut out for us but I think we got the job done very nicely! We picked a light gray for the nursery (I know it looks blue in the picture but, it really is gray :)

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Jessica said...

I love the nursery color, we were thinkning of gray for our laundry room, gray is the new beige, but in a good way. I really like the wanscoting/beadboard in the nursery as well. come paint our house!!!! it's drowning in floor to ceiling beige!!!

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After